The original wastewater treatment plant and sanitary sewer collection system, constructed in 1954, served the 3,000 residents of Millersburg Borough through approximately 1,200 connections. The original wastewater treatment plant provided primary treatment and had the capacity to treat 360,000 gallons per day. The collection system was comprised of 8 miles of sanitary sewer collection mains.

In 1972, the wastewater treatment plant was upgraded to secondary treatment and expanded to a capacity of 1 million gallons per day.

During 1978, the extension of 12 miles of sanitary sewer lines into Upper Paxton Township, servicing an additional 1,500 residents through approximately 700 connections, was completed.


After the completion of required upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant in 2014, a Modified Ludzack-Ettinger (MLE) Process is used.

The treatment facility now includes the following components:

-mechanical screening
-grit removal
-anoxic zone
-oxic zone
-post oxic zone
-phosphorus reduction chemical addition
-aerobic digestion
-effluent discharge to Susquehanna River
-biosolids thickening
-biosolids land application

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