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Public Service Announcement
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Please be advised that residents in our community are receiving  solicitations from a company by the name of American Water Resources.  This solicitation is for water or sewer service line insurance coverage. 

This solicitation may cause some confusion with residents in our area,
and we would like our residents to be advised that this company is
NOT affiliated with the Millersburg Area Authority. 

If you have any questions concerning this mailing you may contact our office during regular business hours. Thank you.

Office: 717-692-4711 Hrs: 9:00am -4:30pm (closed 1-2pm)

or email us at

Millersburg Area Authority Customers:

Residents in our community are receiving offers to do complimentary
water testing from a company going door-to-door.

These requests have concerned some residents; please be advised this
company is NOT affiliated with the Millersburg Area Authority.

If you have received such an offer, please feel free to contact our office
with any questions you may have about your water quality and any
testing the Authority is required by the Department of Environmental
Protection to perform.

You may also read our Annual Water Quality Report regarding your
water and the testing that is performed yearly by going to